Our Philosophy

The name “Barefoot Contessa” draws its inspiration from the contradiction between elegance and being boundless and free. ‘Barefoot’ invokes summer vibes of being adventurous and innocent. ‘Contessa’ captures the spirit of elegance and sophistication. The brand’s vision is clear; to create a summer line that looks sophisticated, is ethically made and invokes awareness of the beauty and artisanal craftsmanship of different cultures around the world.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

We believe that honest craftsmanship leads to exceptional quality.

Each of our handbags is handcrafted by the best artisans in Madagascar. The artisans crocheting them are highly skilled and practice a trade that is a symbol of their heritage. Each piece requires numerous days of hand weaving to complete, which attests to the unwavering dedication to achieve a modern style using traditional methods. No piece is the same and any slight irregularities add to its character and uniqueness.


Katerina Koumparou

My home country’s idyllic natural beauty and the relaxing and atmospheric vibes one connects with a visit to a Greek island, cultivated my desire to create summer bags that can be used all day by every woman of every age.

As a pioneer of eco-friendly fashion and effortless and natural style, I wanted to use responsibly sourced raw materials that would promote environmental conservation. Raffia, an environmentally friendly, durable, strong and exquisitely textural fibre which grows naturally in Madagascar, felt ideal for my needs. My journey began when I found the right Malagasy weavers who meticulously crocheted the bags in the playful and minimalistic shapes of my collection. The ancestorial weaving skills of the Malagasy artisans combined with a modern aesthetic and colour palette brought a fresh and romantic feel in the brand’s signature style.

The use of bright colours was key when considering the strong cultural influences of the two countries which inspired me. The colour palette of the collection combines the breath-taking and colourful landscapes of Madagascar with the predominant blue colour in Greece which signifies the sky and the sea.


Ethical Fashion

Our raffia bags are produced using natural and sustainably sourced fibres originating from the raffia tree in Madagascar. Raffia palms grow in the middle of Madagascar’s tropical rainforest where the soil is wet. The locals harvest the raffia palm, strip and cut the freshly cut pale green strand and sun dry them before crocheting the bags. The whole manufacturing process, from raffia harvesting, to dyeing and weaving, is done manually with deep respect to the environment. Our packages are fully recyclable and our brand tags are manufactured from vegan leather to make all the elements of the process environmental friendly.

With a firm belief in products with a conscience, we pride ourselves in preserving an artistry native to Madagascar while supporting local communities and their families. The sale of our products provides workers with a sustainable income.